Let’s Have a Repotting Party!

We’re no strangers to sharing repotting advice with folks here at Vault + Vine. If you’re a great plant parent, your plants will grow and with growth comes the need for new containers. Many folks get nervous when it comes time to repot but the truth is that plants are resilient and repotting is generallyRead More

Sowing the Seeds of Change

It’s been A YEAR — and so much has changed. We grieve the loss of life and the loss of time with loved ones, both from viral pandemic and violent oppression. We cannot ignore the ongoing oppression and violence at the hands of white supremacy. We cannot pretend the pandemic is already over.   Even so, spring is now upon us. This season urges us to take notice, to bend down and see the life emerging from theRead More

I became a better plant caretaker in 2 months

I would currently describe myself as an “advanced beginner” house plant caretaker, even though I’ve had a few house plants come and go around my home for the past decade. For context, I would say an intermediate caretaker is one who cares for and helps thrive a variety of plants, some with more specific needs,Read More

A Note from Peicha Regarding Small Business Saturday

To our Vault + Vine Community, Now, more than ever, we need each other. As a community, we must commit to supporting each other individually through mutual aid, and commit to supporting our small businesses by choosing to invest in their products over the convenience (of price, of quality, of speed) of Amazon and BigRead More