Autumn Flower Club

This week, we launched a new subscription program. It’s a celebration of Autumn’s blooms, and we are so happy to share these magical local flowers with you. The flowers that you’ll receive are from our friends at American Street Flower Market. We are really excited about them because well, we really love them lots, butRead More

Vendor Spotlight: Cactus George

One of the best things about sourcing as much local product as we can find is forming friendships with the people who supply us with all of the goodness that we pass onto you. One of those people is George Hermann. To us, though, he’s Cacti George. George supplies us with most of our succulentsRead More

Creating a Happy Home for All

Talking about plants for a living is one of the best parts of working at Vault + Vine. We love sharing what we know with our customers. We’ve learned lessons from the plants in our shops and the plants that we’ve all taken home. Most of us share these spaces with cats and dogs (andRead More